Emailing Nov 13 2018

Are You The One Sending Those Dull Generic Business Emails?

GUEST POST BY ANDREW LOWEN How many emails do you get on weekdays? How about the weekend? And just how many do you open? And do you also read all of them? How many do you just delete? Let me tell you my score for this morning (and today is a Friday): 16 emails, of […]

Emailing Jul 31 2018

The Ultimate Cold Email Course

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted as much as we used to in the past couple moths. This is the reason: we were working on our badass ultimate cold email course! What does this cold email course contain? All of our knowledge and best practices about cold emailing New exclusive real-life case studies […]

Emailing Jul 27 2018

Cold Email Outreach for Link Building [Case Study]

 This is a case study by Gabka Koščová from Spotibo I have worked with link building for years, but in small markets like Slovakia or the Czech Republic. I have my contacts here and I know how it goes — how the market works. It is easy, it is comfortable and I am good at what […]

Emailing Apr 17 2018

This Sales Email Template Will Make All SDR’s Wish They Came Up With it

If you have ever been in… any business ever, you’ve received your fair share of terrible cold emails. You know, those emails that are so clearly a poorly written and adapted sales email template? Here’s the deal: you can work with a sales email template and still make it personal, personalized and highly relevant. I […]

Emailing Mar 29 2018

How to Write the Perfect Follow-up Email Sequence [Blueprint]

I’m not going to tell you that 48% of salespeople never follow up because that statistic is fake. What I’m going to tell you, however, is that I receive enough cold emails to know that most of them aren’t followed up on. What I’m also going to tell you is that we at help hundreds […]

Emailing Mar 08 2018

11 Myths Your Marketing Team Believes About Cold Email

A staggering number entrepreneurs and marketers tend -to the dismay of sales leaders- to discard cold email as a method to recruit customers. I believe this situation to be due to misguided beliefs and hard to budge myths! Let’s debunk them and unleash the untapped potential of cold email! What is cold email anyway? Cold […]

Emailing Dec 26 2017

The Ultimate Cold Email Checklist For 2018

Writing great cold emails is simple, but no one said it was easy. Well, I’ll make it easy for you with this ultimate cold email checklist for 2018! Ready to nail those cold emails the way? 1. Subject line Your subject line makes all the difference when it comes to email opens, which is […]

Emailing Dec 14 2017

17 Sentences You Should Never Use In a Sales Email

An important part of my job at is to help customers write cold email campaigns. While some of them write impactful case study material level emails, you’d be amazed at how many salespeople think that the sentences mentioned below are okay to use. Want to learn 17 different ways to kill your own sales? […]