How to Write Good Emails

A lot of you ask us how to write good emails, create a good automation and get the best reply rate ever.

Alexandra Tallon Jul 9, 20203 min read

New Location Fields

We have added two more fields in You can now have the city and state for each of your prospects.

Alexandra Tallon Sep 26, 20191 min read

Integrations for Admins Only

We have updated our integration settings. Let’s explain in a few words what will change: From now on, users will not be able to connect apps anymore.

Alexandra Tallon Aug 27, 20191 min read

Tasks Are Here

We are happy to announce that you can now create tasks linked to prospects. You can create tasks from: A campaign The prospect profile The task page All the tasks will be displayed on the dashboard.

Alexandra Tallon Aug 5, 20191 min read

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New Users Menu

Admins have now a new menu! The admin will see this new menu. It has 6 pages: The profile settings, the sending address settings, the app and integration, the company settings, the team members and the billing page.

Diego Gilon Aug 2, 20191 min read Is Now Faster Than Ever

Providing a swift and snappy experience is one of our main priorities. Lately, we focused on the reports and managed to decrease the loading time of this screen immensely.

Diego Gilon Aug 2, 20191 min read

New Integration Settings

We have updated our integrations settings and we hope that you like it as much as we do :) For now on, you create a workflow that contains 3 steps.

Alexandra Tallon Jul 24, 20191 min read