We Have a New Website!

We’re thrilled to announce that as of February 2020, we’re rebranding with a new brand identity, and website. As our product has evolved to meet your needs, our brand has also evolved.

David Geilfus Feb 21, 20201 min read

A New View for Your Archived Prospects

You can now see your archived prospect through the link next to the page title. You can see the archived prospects in every page of the app, including the campaign page.

Alexandra Tallon May 15, 20191 min read

New Campaign Statuses

We have made changes to the campaign statuses. Previously campaigns had 2 statuses (Running and Paused). These 2 statuses have been renamed.

Alexandra Tallon May 15, 20191 min read

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Delete Prospects in Bulk

You have asked for it and here it is! You can now delete prospects in bulk from the prospect screen :)

Alexandra Tallon May 2, 20191 min read

Add Notes to Prospects

We have great news! You can now add "notes" to prospects from the prospect panel. And further: The number of notes are displayed next to the prospect's name.

Alexandra Tallon Apr 17, 20191 min read

Filter the Prospect's Event History

You can now filter the prospect event history by event type. The available event types are: All Activities Campaign Events Emails Notes I hope you like it as much as we do!

Alexandra Tallon Apr 17, 20191 min read

Prospect Panel Campaign Improvement

We have updated our prospects campaign screen. From now on, when you select a prospect in a campaign, the prospect panel will open right where you were.

Alexandra Tallon Apr 17, 20191 min read