We Have a New Website!

We’re thrilled to announce that as of February 2020, we’re rebranding with a new brand identity, and website. As our product has evolved to meet your needs, our brand has also evolved.

David Geilfus Feb 21, 20201 min read

New Zapier Action

Great news for our users that are using Zapier. We have developed a new action on Zapier. You can now update a prospect and not only create or archive one.

Alexandra Tallon Nov 6, 20181 min read

Filter by "Out reason" when adding prospects to a campaign

You can now filter by "Out reason" when adding prospects to a campaign. This is useful when: You want to recontact prospects that never replied to a campaign You want to re-add someone that you have been removed from a campaign

Alexandra Tallon Oct 31, 20181 min read

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Weekly Performance Report

We got a great news for you and your team! We are now sending weekly performance report every Monday. The report will summarize your activity on your Prospect.

Alexandra Tallon Oct 17, 20181 min read

Set up your confidence score

You can now set up a minimum confidence score for the emails we are finding for you. As you know, our email verification system attributes a confidence score to every email address we find for you.

Alexandra Tallon Oct 15, 20181 min read

Find Emails With Name + Organization Domain

The extension just got better with a new option to find an email of a specific person, as long as you have the first name, the last name and the website of their company.

Alexandra Tallon Sep 10, 20181 min read

Simplified Campaign Management

We have made it easier for you to manage campaigns, so now prospects can either be "IN" a campaign (scheduled to receive emails) or "

Alexandra Tallon Aug 27, 20181 min read