Salesforce 2-Way Sync

Vincenzo Ruggiero Feb 14, 20206 min read

We just released an important feature for our customers using Salesforce: the 2-way sync (or Bi-Directional Sync).

If your Salesforce account is connected with your account you can now keep both systems in sync. Every 10 minutes, both apps will be scanned for changes. If there is any change in one app, will pull this new data and push the change into the second app.

We gave you a full control on how the sync works. For example, you can choose if you want to create new records (leads, prospects, contacts, etc.).

We also integrated a conflict management system, you can choose which app must take precedence in case of conflict.

Finally, we also integrated an account protection system that will automatically disable a the sync if we detect a too big number of affected records.

To access this new feature navigate to the integrations page, connect your Salesforce account and click on the Sync tab:

Update: We also released this 2-way syncing for the Hubspot CRM integration.

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