Email Finder

Looking for new prospects takes time and effort. Our powerful Email Finder uses some magic (and algorithms) to find anyone’s email in seconds.

Quickly find anyone’s contact information

There are two ways to find someone’s contact information with without leaving the app using the Email Finder, or while browsing the web using the Chrome Extension.

Find emails with the Email Finder

Search a single prospect

Find anyone’s email address! Just enter their first and last name, pick their company’s website domain and you’re set!

Search prospects in bulk

Do you already have a list of prospects but need to find their emails? Use our import tool to find the emails of multiple prospects at once.

Email Verifier

How useful is a prospect if you can’t contact him? Our Email Verifier checks whether every email address we return exists and is deliverable, so your emails never bounce.

Find emails with the Chrome Extension

Search on professional networks

Our Chrome extension is directly integrated with the most business-oriented famous social network: find names, emails, job titles, etc. in just one click!

Search on any website

Simply visit the prospect’s website, click the extension icon and find all email addresses associated with this domain name. Just pick the ones you’re interested in.

Search in any webpage

Our Chrome extension will scout a page and its code to provide you with all emails present on that specific page, regardless of the domain you’re currently on.

Use the Email Search API

Our Email Finder is also available through our REST API. Find any email address, along with all corresponding prospect information with a simple API call.

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