Open Tracking

Track who opens your emails and what emails get the most opens so you can replicate what works!

Click Tracking

Are your prospects clicking your links? You can track that too.

Replies, Bounces & Out-of-Office Tracking knows the difference between an automated out-of-office message and a genuine response. Also, we will tell you what we couldn't deliver!

Conversion Tracking

Thanks to our copy/pastable conversion tracking code, you’ll be able to measure whether your prospects complete the action you want them to complete on your website.

" is the only tool I need for email prospecting. It gives me the analytics to refine my approach and streamline my prospecting process, giving me more time to focus on selling. It is easy to use and integrates brilliantly with our CRM."

Ryan Stott Sales Representative, PeoplePerHour

Offer your team the best sales prospecting tool.