Generate more revenue and spend less time on repetitive tasks by setting up powerful workflows using a simple, visual interface.

Sales on autopilot

Automating recurring and boring sales tasks allows you to spend more time engaging with prospects. At the end, it means more productivity and more revenue for your sales team.

Automatic enrollment

You can add prospects manually to your workflow, or enroll them automatically when they trigger specific events in your account, and meet predefined filter criteria.

Building blocks


Use conditions to create incredibly powerful workflows where prospects are directed down one path or another based on a set of filters.


Use delays to wait before moving from one step to the next one.

Use delays to set intervals between emails or before asking your sales to act by creating a task for example.

Manual reviews

Review steps will queue up prospects so you can check and approve them before they can continue the workflow.

This can be useful to make sure that every prospect has all the information you need to send him a personalized email.


With personalization variables, you can tailor your emails for each recipient, and give every prospects the attention they deserve.

Action blocks


You can create tasks linked to enrolled prospects and assign them to the user of your choice.

Field updates

Automatically update any prospect’s field. Combining this with enrollment trigger allows you to link multiple workflows together.


Get notified by email or SMS when something important happens in a workflow.


Integrate your workflow with the tools you already use to automatically perform actions in these external tools.


Add notes to keep track of important event on your prospects.

Measure your success

Get the most out of your workflows with easy-to-understand and actionable insights.
The Performances tab encompasses all metrics (open rate, click rate, bounces, etc.) needed to benchmark your workflows.

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