List Building

See how helps you find, organize, and visualize prospects’ information.

The right message to the right person

A personalized message sent to the right person at the right moment is the most important aspect of outbound sales.

Find information

Email Finder

Find anyone’s email address in seconds using our powerful Email Finder. We use some magic (and algorithms) to automatically find information.

Chrome Extension

Use our Google Chrome extension to find this information when browsing websites or the most famous business oriented social networks.

Email Verifier

Our Email Verifier tool ensures that an email address actually exists, in real-time, without ever sending a message. This is mandatory to protect email reputation and your email deliverability.

Organize information


Organizations set the foundation for successful account-based prospecting. They allow to connect and view data for all prospects associated with a specific organization.


Lists are the most common way to organize sales prospecting around the world. follows this concept and allows you to move prospects between lists easily.

Smart segments

Our powerful segmentation tool makes it easy to send ultra personalized messages to the right prospect.

Custom fields

Your business is unique, this is why we allow you to personalize with custom fields. You can then use these custom fields to create segments or to personalize your messages.

Exclusion list

Add emails or domains to the exclusion list to ensure nobody in your company will be able to contact a prospect by mistake. everywhere

Our platform is fully accessible through our Google Chrome extension. This allows you to get all the information about a prospect without leaving what you are doing (in your CRM for example). Simply click on the little carrot and we'll show you everything.

“Using frees up extra time that we can turn into creating valuable relationships.”

Vincent Cools. Business Development, 87seconds

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