Stay focused on what matters and spend more time engaging with your prospects.

Your time is precious

Jumping between tools to find the right information is time consuming and will depress your sales team. In, everything you need is available and accessible.

Sales cockpit

Our platform helps your sales representatives in their day-to-day job. Tasks, notes or email tracking are great features to help your sales team to make the best decisions while staying focus and productive.

More time for your prospects helps your SDRs to do the most important part of their job; spend time engaging with prospects.

Work directly from Salesforce or LinkedIn

Our platform is fully accessible through our Google Chrome extension. This allows you to work on a prospect without leaving what you are doing (in your CRM for example).
Simply click on the little carrot to add a note or create a task.

Say no to data entry

Integrations is fully integrated with your existing tools. It’s the perfect tool to feed your CRM. Everything is fluid and automatic. Say goodbye to manual data entry.

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2-way sync

Our powerfull 2-way sync keeps and your CRM always up to date, in real time. Our 2-way sync is fully customizable with field mapping, user mapping, priorities and conflict management.

Currently available for:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Pipedrive (soon)

“By using, our SDRs can stay focus on the most important part of their job without having to jump between multiple tools.”

Maxence Lacroix. CEO, Javry

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