Make the right decisions always based on data.

Information is power

A good outbound strategy is always backed with data. gives you everything you need to always make the right decisions.

Track everything

Open, click, reply, bounce, conversion tracking

Did my prospect open my email? Did he click on the link? Did he already sign up to my product? With you’ll be able to andwser these kind of questions.

Out-of-office management knows the difference between an automated out-of-office message and a genuine response. Also, we will tell you what we couldn’t deliver!

Company performances

Company performances

Analyse the performance of your company’s outbound sales activities, take informed decisions and increase results.

Employee performances

Who is performing and who needs more attention and training? Track performance for each sales representative in your team.

Sales goals & objectives

Motivate your sales representatives with monthly goals and objectives.


Share real-time sales performance statistics and keep track of your sales in real-time. Motivate your team with a leaderboard and with gamification.

Automation performances


Discover how your automation performs compared to the rest of your industry or to other companies of the same size. Take advantage of that to improve your automation results!

A/B testing

Run A/B tests on your automations to understand what is performing and what should be stopped.

“ is an absolute must if cold mailing is part of your sales strategy. It can literally replace one person on the team who would have to gather emails and then send emails and follow-ups.”

Miha A. Head of Marketing

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