Professional Services

Our professional services are designed to support you throughout your entire growth journey, and make sure you get the most out of at every step.

A set of services to get the most out of

We offer a full suite of user onboarding, technical setup, and consulting services. Whether you’re new to the platform and need help getting up and running, or an experienced user looking to optimize your strategy, we’re here to ensure you reach your goals with

Dedicated Account Manager

My name is Alexandra, I’m an account manager at Together with my team, we do everything to help you solve any problem you might experience, as quickly as possible.

Our dedicated account managers are experts, who know you, your business goals, and will always give you the support you need as a top priority.

User Onboarding

When you purchase Professional Services with, we’ll build a personalized onboarding plan together based on your current workflow and your highest priority goals. I will then guide you to minimize the time needed for you and your team to reach them.

What does it include?

  • A personalized onboarding call after signup, based on your priority goals, the products or services you purchased, your current stack and how it integrates with, etc.;
  • Strategic guidance to help you streamline your sales process with and close more deals;
  • A new onboarding every time you add new users in your account, to ensure they are productive quickly.

Technical Setup

Along with your Dedicated Account Manager also comes the help of my tech colleagues whenever you need it. These experts are here to help you configure all technical aspects of your account, remove roadblocks and ensure optimal results.

What does it include?

  • Configuring integrations and connectors;
  • Configuring DNS to optimize email deliverability (CNAME, DKIM, SPF, etc.);
  • Advice on custom API integrations;
  • Training of new system administrators;
  • Helping you resolve any other technical issues related to and its integrations.

As a sales rep, you spend hours planning every detail of each email, so there’s nothing more heartbreaking than finding out it never made it to your prospect. This is why we help you configure your deliverability settings (CNAME, SPF/DKIM…) and advise you on the best practices to make sure your emails always get to your prospects’ inboxes.

Workflows Reviews

Workflows are very powerful but can also be very intimidating, especialy as they become more complex over the time. My colleagues and I have years of experience partnering with customers to implement best practices for workflow and sales automations which achieve optimal results.

With Workflows Reviews, you can ask us at any time to review your workflow to make sure it’s aligned with your strategy, has no dead ends, and will run smoothly.

“Alexandra has worked with us every step of the way. We’ve felt in good hands from day one and her help has been invaluable!”

Vincent Cools. Business Development, 87seconds

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