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Drag & drop your deals in visuals, fully customizable and unlimited sales pipelines.

Sales pipelines


Deals are the center of your sales activities in Create deals for a prospect or an organization and attach tasks, notes or documents.


Deals are organized in visual pipelines and stages. Pipelines are unlimited and fully customizable.

Custom fields

Your business is unique, this is why we allow you to personalize with an unlimited number of custom fields. Leverage these custom fields in your deals to refine your sales process.


Import your deals from a CSV or a spreadsheet or migrate from another CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and more.

Get results

Deal Probability & Forecasting

Enter the deal value and winning probability and then use our forecasting tool to predict your revenue.

Deal Rotting

When a deal stays idle for too long, this is usually not a good sign. Use our deal rotting feature to highlight old deals in your pipelines.

“I love Prospect! We use it for sales outreach. It was so easy to set up and really helped us hone in our messaging. I've recommended it for every project I've done since!”

Angel A. Director of Impact Innovation

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