Product ❯ Sync

Say No to Data Entry is the perfect tool to feed your existing sales tools. Insert your prospects in your CRM at the best stage. Everything is fluid and automatic.


Setup an integration and everytime a prospect performs a specific action (opens an email, clicks on a link) will automatically create a new lead in your CRM.

At this time is natively integrated with Pipedrive,, Salesforce and Hubspot.



Get notifications directly in your Slack channels based on events (prospect opens your email, clicks on a link, etc.)

" is the only tool I need for email prospecting. It gives me the analytics to refine my approach and streamline my prospecting process, giving me more time to focus on selling. It is easy to use and integrates brilliantly with our CRM."

Ryan Stott Sales Representative, PeoplePerHour

Offer your team the best sales prospecting tool.