Product ❯ Outreach

Cold Emails & Drip Campaigns

Send cold emails to your prospects, directly from the extension. Create sequences of emails to automate follow ups and boost your sales productivity.

Drip Campaigns

Create sequences of emails to be sent and choose to automatically stop the campaign when the prospect replies/clicks/converts/...



Prepare email templates and use them when sending cold emails or directy in your drip campaigns.

Use the templates variables and your emails will be automatically filled with prospect information.


Schedule Your Emails

Don't want to send the email right away?
No problem, schedule your email, will send it later.

This allows you to send cold emails at the right time, by avoiding week-ends for example.

Send From Your Own Email

On all cold emails are sent from your own email address. Simply connect your email account and start sending emails right away.

Sending address
"We use to turn cold emails into free trial signups. It allows us to reach out to the right person while crafting relevant and personal emails at scale."

Gary Gaspar CEO, Marker

Offer your team the best sales prospecting tool.