Connect your email account so can use it to send emails, track opens, replies, … uses your own email account (Gmail, Outlook/Outlook 365, SMTP/IMAP) to send emails to your prospects. Everything is automated, you only need to connect your account once and we’ll take care of everything.

Sending limits

Choose the maximum number of emails to send each day, will control the amount of emails sent per second (email throttling) to optimize deliverability and avoid being marked as spam.

Shared email addresses

Once your sending address connected, you’ll be able to share it with your colleagues and they will be able to send email using your account.

BCC address allows you to add a BCC address in your account so that all the emails sent via are automatically copied.

Email tracking allows you to measure up to 5 different metrics: opens (do prospects open my email?), clicks (do prospects click on the link I sent them?), replies (do prospects reply to my email?), conversion (do prospects complete the action prompted in the email?), and qualifications (do prospects react in a way that shows interest in my product?)


A bounce event will be recorded by when an email cannot be delivered. You can handle these events in different ways depending on whether they are expected to be permanent or not (hard or soft).

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Available in the Essential plan, starting at €89/mo