500+ Trigger Words Guaranteed to Supercharge Your Copy

Forster Perelsztejn Oct 24, 201710 min read

Believe it or not, emotion will drive every decision you make today.

This article by renowned negotiator and author Jim Camp highlights the neuroscientific facts that hide behind the choices we make. Logic and information are important, but worthless without involving emotion.

As a business person, taking emotions into account when conducting transactions is central, and you should use every tool you can get in order to do so.

So what about emotional trigger words?

Words have been scientifically proven to be powerful.

  • Words can alter perception. According to a study published in 2013 by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, language has the power to reshape our knowledge and expectations of the world we see.
  • Several studies prove abundantly that consulting social media triggers dopamine and oxytocin releases depending on the kind of posts you come across.

Using the right specific words in a mindful and sensible way can dramatically affect the success of your business efforts, so why not give it a shot?

This post will provide you with an extensive list of trigger words you can start using today to make a difference!

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Take it from the most liked sports brand on Facebook and the 8th more influential overall; inspiring people is a great way to get them to take action!

Besides, how long can you scroll down your Facebook feed without stumbling across a motivational/inspirational quote? Exactly, people thrive on motivation.

Action Actuation Advocate Afflatus Angle
Animus Applaud Approach Assist Awakening
Boost Brainchild Buck-up Buoy Catalyst
Champion Cheer up Creativity Deep thinking Desire
Disposition Drive Egg on Embolden Encouragement
Enthusiasm Excite Fire Galvanize Genius
Get up and go Gimmick Goad Hearten Hunch
Hunger Idea Illumination Impetus Impulse
Impulsion Incentive Incitation Incite Incitement
Inclination Inducement Influence Insight Inspirit
Instigate Instigation Interest Kick Kindle
Motivation Motive Motives Muse Notion
Persuasion Praise Predetermination Predisposition Promote
Prop up Propose Provocation Psych up Push
Reason Reassure Recommend Refresh Revelation
Revivify Right stuff Rouse Spark Spur
Stimulus Stir Strengthen Suggestion Thought
Vision Whim Wish    


[caption id="attachment_964" align="aligncenter" width="473"] We can all agree CNN kinda messed up here.[/caption]

Clickbait headlines have been around for quite a while now. But why do they work so fantastically? Because it plays on people's natural inclination to want to know what's hidden from them.

But don't do it like that, do it the white hat way, use nice trigger words and deliver real value.

Analytical Backdoor Banned Behind the Scenes Black Market
Blacklisted Bootleg Censored Concealed Concern
Confessions Confidential Controversial Cover-up Covert
Eagerness Eavesdropping Examining Forbidden Forgotten
Gossip Hidden Hooked Illegal Immersed
Impertinent Inquiring Inquiring mind Inquisitiveness Insider
Interest Intrusiveness Investigation Keen Little known
Meddlesome Newsmonger Nosiness Off-limits Officiousness
Peeping Private Prying Questioning Regard
Scrutinizing Searching Secrets Smuggled Snooping
Strange Taken Thirst for knowledge Unauthorized Unusual
Withheld Wondering      



Even sex words. Who would've thought?

[caption id="attachment_966" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Take it from the masters[/caption]

Sex has a way to attract and command attention that works in most situations. Don't overuse it, don't be obscene and use the trigger words below intelligently!

Animalism Appetence Appetite Appetition Brazen
Burn Covet Crave Craving Cupidity
Debauchery Depraved Desire Dirty Excitement
Exposed Fervor Forbidden Hunger Hypnotic
Lascivious Licentiousness Lick Lonely Longing
Lust Naked Naughty Need Passion
Provocative Scandalous Self-indulgence Sensual Sex
Shameless Sinful Sleazy Sleeping Spank
Sweaty Tantalizing Tawdry Thirst Thrilling
Uncensored Urge Want Wanton Wantonness
Whip Yearn      


People share what makes them happy. I mean, just look at your social media feeds.

Trigger happiness in your readers/customers/prospects and they will talk about you.

[caption id="attachment_977" align="aligncenter" width="600"] This slogan is slightly outdated but still, Coca-Cola has been capitalizing on happiness for decades. And it's paying off.[/caption]
Amazing Animated At ease Audacity Backbone
Belief Blessed Blissful Blithe Bountiful
Bravery Breathtaking Bright Cheer Cheerful
Child-like Chipper Chirpy Comfortable Conquer
Constructive Content Courage Courageous Creative
Daring Defiance Delight Devoted Ecstatic
Elated Encouraged Energetic Euphoric Excited
Exhilarated Exultant Eye-opening Faith Fearless
Festive Flying high Frisky Fulfilling Fun-loving
Funny Glad Gleeful Glorious Glowing
Grateful Gratified Grit Guts Happy
Heart Heartfelt Helpful Hero Innocent
Intelligent Jovial Joyous Jubilant Liberated
On top of the Optimistic Overjoyed Playful Pleased
Resourceful Satisfied Serene Spirited Spunky
Sunny Surprised Thankful Thrilled Tickled
Triumph Upbeat Uplifting Valor Vibrant
Victory Vigorous Wonderful Wondrous  



Avaaz uses strong language to spark indignation or revolt, and spur people to act for the causes they support. War propaganda is also full of this kind of talk. Research shows that pushing people's buttons on a subject they care about will make them want to engage, because now it's about values, and it's personal!

Here are some of the words you can use to that end:

Abuse Animosity Antagonistic Arrogant Ass kicking
Backstabbing Beat down Bitterness Blow up Bullshit
Bully Chagrin Conniption Coward Crooked
Crush Disgusting Enmity Evil Force-fed
Foul Fury Gall Hate Hissy fit
Indignation Ire Irritation Know it all Lies
Loathsome Loser Lying Mad Maul
Money-grubbing Nazi No Good No-good Obnoxious
Outrage Payback Pound Preposterous Punish
Rage Rankle Resentment Revolting Ruthless
Sick and Tired Smug Sniveling Snob Snooty
Stuck up Umbrage Underhanded Vexation Violence

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I will teach you to be rich cover

I'm not exactly sure how many copies of his book Ramit Sethi has sold so far. But I'm pretty sure the title helped in making it a #1 bestseller.

Who doesn't wan't to have more money, pay less or get stuff for free? That's right: no effing body! If you can make your reader perceive financial value in what you have to offer, they'll feel like Scrooge McDuck even before they've started taking any action.

That's what these trigger words are here for:

Bargain Best Billion Bonanza Cash
Cheap Discount Dollar Double Explode
Extra Feast Fortune Free Freebie
Frenzy Frugal Gift Greatest Inexpensive
Jackpot Luxurious Marked down Massive Money
Nest egg Pay zero Prize Profit Quadruple
Reduced Rich Savings Six-figure Skyrocket
Soaring Surge Treasure Triple Whopping


Now, why would we want to instil fear in our reader's mind?

Because the stressful stimulus induces a reaction in a part of the brain called the amygdala, which triggers the famous fight or flight reaction. How is that interesting to us?

It allows you to convince your prospect that they're facing a problem you have the solution to. Now, be ethical with these trigger words and go at it only if they actually have that problem and it might cause them trouble. Otherwise, that's called manipulation, and you're not that kind of person, are you?

[caption id="attachment_978" align="aligncenter" width="600"] What money? What's this about? ….got it?[/caption]
Agony Anxiety Apocalypse Armageddon Assault
Backlash Beating Beware Blinded Blood
Bloodbath Bloodcurdling Bloody Bomb Buffoon
Bumbling Bumbling Catastrophe Caution Collapse
Concern Crazy Creeps Cripple Crisis
Danger Deadly Destroy Devastating Disastrous
Distress Doubt Drowning Dumb Embarrass
Fail Feeble Fired Fooled Foreboding
Frantic Frightening Gambling Gullible Hack
Hazardous Hoax Horrific Horrific Hurricane
Insidious Invasion IRS Jail Jeopardy
Lawsuit Looming Lunatic Lunatic Lurking
Meltdown Mired Mistake Nightmare Painful
Pale Panic Peril Phobia Piranha
Pitfall Plague Played Plummet Plunge
Poison Poor Prison Pummel Pus
Reckoning Revenge Risky Scary Scream
Searing Shatter Shellacking Silly Slaughter
Slave Smash Strangle Stupid Suck
Tailspin Tank Targeted Teetering Terror
Terrorist Toxic Trap Trepidation Vaporize
Victim Volatile Vulnerable Warning Worry


In all things business, if you want to earn money, you need to earn trust first. Other than your quality of product/service and brand reputation, you have to make them feel safe through your communication. Here are a few trigger words to help you do just that!

[caption id="attachment_975" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Yeah, that's my subject line, is that a problem?[/caption]


Anonymous Assurance Authentic Backed Best-selling
Cancel anytime Certainty Certified Cover Defense
Dependability Durability Endorsed Faithfulness Freedom
Guarantee Immunity Impregnability Infallibility Insulation
Insurance Inviolability Ironclad Lifetime Long-term
Money back No obligation No questions asked No risk
No strings attached
Official Perpetuation Preserve Privacy Promise
Protected Proven Recession-proof Refund Reliability
Research Results Safekeeping Safekeeping Safeness
Security Shelter Shield Support Surety
Tested Transparency Trustworthiness Try before you buy Unconditional
Upholding Verified Warranty    

Get them emotional!

Every powerful brand, no… every brand knows it: you must appeal to your audience's emotion if you want to create a connexion with them and, consequently, get them interested in whatever you have to offer.


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