Increase your SaaS sales during holiday season

Ho Ho Ho… Holiday season is coming. It’s a beautiful season for everybody. Cities get decorated, Home Alone will play in loop on TV and people are more generous with their wallets.

Alexandra Tallon Nov 16, 20203 min read


We've been working hard on releasing a big improvement in the platform. We just shipped the Organizations! For you, it means opening the door to account-based prospecting.

Carina Gotovcenco Nov 6, 20202 min read

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Store introduces the app Store - a collection of all available integrations and add-ons. Now it’s all in one place, no need to search through the settings to adjust the needed feature!

Carina Gotovcenco Oct 6, 20202 min read


A huge update in the platform, which completely changed the way you do your cold outreach. Recently, we have upgraded the good old Campaigns to new advanced workflows - Automations.

Carina Gotovcenco Sep 1, 20202 min read

Lists Improvements

Have you noticed that the Lists page disappeared from the menu? Don’t worry, everything is in order! We are glad to present to you the updated Lists.

Carina Gotovcenco Sep 1, 20202 min read

Best Practices for Links In Your Emails

That link that you want the prospect to click? It can get you sent straight to the spam folder. Even when your email gets through to the prospects’s inbox, the links you’ve included may cause them to eye it suspiciously.

Vincenzo Ruggiero Aug 29, 20206 min read
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