Say Hello to the New

We have a new brand identity and design system. Better suited to what we are today, and ready for what we’ll be tomorrow.

Structuring our visual language

The main goal of our identity is to provide a strict visual framework inside which our personality can express itself. This is why we made it up from structural and nonfunctional elements, which allow us to be bold and creative while retaining our brand cohesion.

Consistent and memorable

Core components like our logo, color palette, and typography make our brand consistent and instantly recognizable, no matter where it’s seen.

Expressive and lively

Nonfunctional elements such as organic shapes and freehand illustrations allow us to communicate in an expressive language, in line with our human-centered mission and values (“Start more conversations…”).

Together, these elements form a system designed to operate in very different contexts, such as the user interface of our app, or the pages of our blog.

An improved logo

The carrot has remained our symbol, but we’ve refined its design so it looks nice at any size. Our wordmark has also been reworked to better match it, and give the logo plenty of warmth and lovability.

Sometimes, we prefer to simply use the carrot on its own instead of the full logo mark. In general, this occurs when our brand has already been established—either by using the entire logo, or through the copy.

A distinctive typeface

Tiempos Headline is our new brand typeface. Designed for larger heading sizes, it strikes a balance between warm curves and sharp details.

Circular is paired with it, and used for all smaller sizes. It brings order through its geometric shapes, but still has interesting and subtle accents.

Meaningful colors

Colors are the cornerstone of our identity. They’re bold, enthusiastic and full of energy. To ensure a unified brand, it’s important to use these colors only.

Primary colors

Orchid and Summer Sky are our brand colors. They should be used to attract attention to something of importance.

Summer sky


Grays are primarily used for copy, backgrounds, and icons.

Gray 100
Gray 90
Gray 80
Gray 70
Gray 60
Gray 50
Gray 40
Gray 30
Gray 20
Gray 10
Gray 0

Accent colors

Accent colors are used to provide vibrancy to a design. They complement primary colors and break up white space.

Peach light
Carnation light
Lavender light
Blizzard light
Emerald light

Made with ❤️ by’s design team

David Geilfus Product Designer
Vincenzo Ruggiero CEO
Zoé Van Hoef Illustrator