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Email Finder

We crawl the web to find your prospect’s email addresses. Use our Chrome extension on websites or on social media profiles to obtain this information.

Find Prospects on Professional Networks

Our Google Chrome extension is directly integrated in the most famous business oriented social networks. Find names, emails, job titles and companies in 1 click

That pro network

Find Email Addresses In Bulk

When possible, our extension will inject a button directly in search results.

That pro network search

Search Emails on Websites

Simply visit the prospect's website and click on the extension icon on the top right corner of your browser.
We'll provide all email addresses associated with that domain name.

Website prospect

Search Emails from Spreadsheets

Do you already have a list of prospects? Use our import tool and start using all Prospect.io's features with these existing prospects.

Find email addresses

Our import tool allows you to find email addresses in batch by providing a first name, last name and company.

"We used Prospect.io at 87seconds to draw interest of very targeted marcom profiles. It's playful, yet a super-efficient integrated lead generation tool."

Thibaut Dehem Founder, 87seconds

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