Reporting & Forecasting

Always make the right decisions based on data.

Information is power

Pipelines performances

Pipelines performances report show you how many deals your salespeople win or lose and why. Know your sales cycle duration, lose rates, win rates and improve your sales processes.

Activities reporting

Who close the most tasks per day? Who sent the most emails this month? How many prospects did you create this week? Track your sales team activities and increase productivity.

Revenue forecasting

Predict your turnover and sales growth. Accurately project your revenue and take good decisions at the right time.

Motivate your team

Goals & Objectives

Motivate your sales representatives with monthly goals and objectives.


Share real-time sales performance statistics and keep track of your sales in real-time. Motivate your team with a leaderboard and with gamification.

“ is some the best of my smart tools discoveries in the last year. This is a tool every sales manager should know and use.”

Brimdan PEnterprise Account Executive

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