Uncategorized Jul 25 2017

Why Team Retreats Matter (More Than You’d Think…)

The 11:35AM flight to Barcelona is about to take off and so is my first team retreat. I was hoping for some fun and getting to know my colleagues better… Ended up with much more than that! Team retreats are often seen as a way to relax and get to know your teammates better in […]

Analytics Jul 14 2017

The Analytical Approach to Drip Campaigns that Work Part 2

“I see… I see…” Nope, you don’t see sh*t, drop that crystal ball and stop trying to predict your prospect’s reaction… It’s time to do some A/B testing! Relying on gut feeling is good when you’re leading a one-on-one interaction. If you know how to read people, it’s an amazing thing. On the other hand, when […]

Emailing Jun 28 2017

13 Tips to Perfect Your Subject Line

How much time and effort you spend on your subject line reveals how much you truly want your email to be opened. Wait, what? Just like a nice home-cooked meal is the key to my heart, a great subject line is the key to get your email opened. Nothing more, nothing less. Therefore, you need […]

Emailing Jun 21 2017

9 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Email Lists

Buying email lists is the fastest and smartest way not to close any sale and to run your business into the ground. There is no better way to go from ambitious salesperson to unemployed spammer, trust me. We, at Prospect.io, are confronted with this almost every day. Alright, here’s why you should never buy email lists. 1. […]