Emailing Sep 25 2017

5 Deadly Email Prospecting Mistakes You’re Probably Making

We love email prospecting. We’re even building a company based on it. And in doing so, we’ve seen some pretty good work. And also some terrible stuff. But the good thing is that we managed to get some insight out of it. Here are the top 5 mistakes you can make while prospecting! 1. Writing […]

Sales Strategy Sep 21 2017

The 7 Bad Habits That Make Salespeople Look Really Unprofessional

A few days ago I sat down with our sales guy here at We talked about how some of our customers didn’t manage to close more sales despite our efforts in helping them run more successful email campaigns. What was holding them back? To address this question, we ran a little experiment. Iulian (our […]

Sales Strategy Sep 19 2017

5 Rules That’ll Make You More Successful Than 90% of Salespeople Today

Emulate the greats. If you see them doing something, and it’s working, you should be doing your best to replicate their behaviour, especially when it comes to attitude and mindset. Part of the following advice was inspired by none other than sales guru Grant Cardone. Ready? 1. Don’t get emotional during negotiations Have you ever […]

Emailing Sep 14 2017

48% of Salespeople Will Never Do Any of This

This is not the first time we talk about the importance of following up on this blog. Grant Cardone will tell you to be unreasonable about it. I won’t, because you can actually be sued, in a criminal court, if you keep spamming your prospect’s devices and sending them packages after they said a couple […]