Sales Strategy Nov 21 2017

How to Attract, Hire and Lead Sales Talent to Success [Interview with Phill Keene]

Welcome to the first interview of a series I’ll be conducting with a few of the best salespeople around! In this first episode, Phill Keene, VP Sales at Costello took some time to discuss the essential roles of a sales leader, how to recruit the right people and how automation done wrong can hurt your sales. […]

Emailing Nov 14 2017

The Power of A/B Testing in Recruiting Affiliates [Case Study]

As you may or may now know, we at decided to get back in the affiliate marketing game. So we recently targeted 100 blog owners specializing in sales and marketing with a cold email campaign. But we didn’t just send them all the single same email, we decided to test our outreach operation by […]

Sales Strategy Oct 26 2017

How These 11 Sales Influencers Crush The Competition

As you already know, we at like to get our info right from the horse’s mouth… or from the influencer’s mouth. We’ve rounded up some of the most relevant advice we could find when it comes to stand above the competition and make it as a sales leader! Ready? Here’s what they have to […]

Emailing Oct 24 2017

500+ Trigger Words Guaranteed to Supercharge Your Copy

Believe it or not, emotion will drive every decision you make today. This article by renowned negotiator and author Jim Camp highlights the neuroscientific facts that hide behind the choices we make. Logic and information are important, but worthless without involving emotion. As a business person, taking emotions into account when conducting transactions is central, […]

Emailing Oct 17 2017

7 Proven Subject Lines That Generated $720k in ARR

After 2 years of running and cold emailing our way into acquiring new customers, we now have a sense of what subject lines to use in order to get emails opened. And considering that 33% of recipients open emails solely based on the subject line, it’s a good thing to have email subject lines figured […]

Sales Culture Oct 10 2017

10 Top Salespeople’s Favourite Sales Movies

Some of the top salespeople around were kind enough to share there thoughts about their favourite sales movies! While some were to be expected, some others were more of a surprise. Which is not to say they don’t deserve to be here. On the contrary, they pave the way for new points of view and […]

Emailing Oct 05 2017

10 Cold Email Templates Based on 3.320.657 Emails Sent

Cold emailing works. I swear. And so do cold email templates. That’s what we do here at; we help customers set up and launch cold email campaigns. Lots of campaigns. In fact, 3,320,657 emails have been sent from our platform since we launched it, by customers ranging from Cloudera to AdRoll to 87seconds. This […]

Sales Strategy Oct 03 2017

3 Sales Metrics You Just Can’t Overlook

Down with vanity metrics! Okay I might be going too far, vanity metrics aren’t useless; page views show how well your operational campaigns are performing and content downloads do show that you are targeting the right audience with the right content. While this is great for external comparison and obtaining partnerships, they don’t tell you […]